Our Vision

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed by layers of organic matter. It is rich in nutrients that both erode and build over time. The life cycle of limestone is one of change and transformation. Limestone is vulnerable and fragile when undergoing change, and is also characterized as having great strength.

Life functions much like the erosion and building phases of limestone. The erosion phase is like the vulnerable states and fragile moments of life. During these times, coping and survival sometimes require avoidance. When avoidance becomes the dominant means of coping, the result is psychological, emotional, and relational chaos and dysfunction.

The building phase of limestone represents learning to respond to internal states and external events in an engaged and functional way, which provides opportunities for growth. Engaging in a growth approach to life increases the experience of satisfaction, contentment, and purpose with life and within relationships.

Limestone Counselling, Coaching & Consulting was created with the vision of encouraging individual, family, and community wellness through personal growth, relational health, and community support. Limestone Counselling, Coaching & Consulting is committed to facilitating growth and supporting change through a transparent and collaborative process.

Serving Waterloo Region and Surrounding Communities

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy * Grief Counselling * Art Therapy * Personal and Professional Coaching
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